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Build on the Oasis Network

The leading privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network
with instant finality, low gas fees and high throughput

Why Build on Oasis?

Do you care about privacy? Do you care about scalability? How about ease of use? The Oasis platform provides all of this. And more.

& Scalability

The Oasis architecture separates execution from consensus layer, enabling complex transactions to be processed faster. Run DApps at breakneck speeds with throughput of up to 1k tps, around 6s block times with instant finality, and parallel execution across many ParaTimes.

to Your Needs

Build DApps on an ecosystem of unique ParaTimes, or start your own ParaTime to meet your specific needs, such as confidential computer, permissioned or permissionless, and more.

Privacy-first Blockchain

Oasis is the leading network with built-in privacy features designed to support confidential smart contracts. Because data is never leaked to the node operator or application developer, sensitive information can be used by Dapps on the Oasis Network, something incredibly risky on other Layer 1 networks.

Gas Fees

Take advantage of low gas fees —  more than 99% cheaper than Ethereum — to build economically viable and affordable DApps.

of Development

Backwards-compatible smart contracts with EVM and Rust-based Paratimes. Use the entire Solidity toolchain to easily build DApps and write smart contracts.


Oasis Network can power private, scalable DeFi. Its unique privacy features allow individuals to maintain data rights and make money from their data, all while retaining control and privacy.

Top-tier Team
& Community

Oasis was founded by Dawn Song , the award-winning professor at Berkeley and the team includes talent from Apple, Google, Amazon, Stanford , Harvard and more. Oasis has a large community of passionate developers and backers such as Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, Binance Labs and more.

Get a Grant to Build on Oasis

With a pool of over 1.5M USD in ROSE available for grants, the Oasis Foundation is eager to help fund new projects. If you’ve got a great idea for improving the Oasis Network or are inspired to build a new DeFi protocol, DApp or privacy-first product, we’d love to hear about it!

Ready to Get Started?

The Oasis Network is able to support many parallel smart contact environments, each with their own unique design and features. There are two ParaTimes currently available for developers to build DApps on.

Sapphire - The Industry First Confidential EVM ParaTime

Sapphire is a groundbreaking developer environment as it is the first and only confidential EVM. Sapphire offers solidity developers a familiar and 99% Ethereum compatible building environment, but with the added benefits of Oasis’ privacy technology. It allows privacy to be incorporated into blockchain building for a large section of developers most comfortable with EVM. Sapphire allows for:

  • Confidential state, end-to-end encryption, confidential randomness

  • 99% EVM compatibility

  • Easy integration with EVM-based dApps, such as NFT, Metaverse, crypto gaming and DeFi

  • Scalability — increased throughput of transactions

  • Low-cost — 99%+ lower fees than Ethereum

  • Cross-chain bridge to enable cross-chain interoperability (upcoming)

Build an Ethereum Compatible DApp

Emerald, the official EVM compatible ParaTime on the Oasis Network is fully compatible with today’s Ethereum applications and is much faster than the Ethereum mainnet

  • Full EVM and Solidity tool chain support

  • Gas fees that are 99% lower than Ethereum

  • Much more performant than Ethereum with throughput order of magnitude higher and only 6s confirmation times

Build a Confidential Smart Contract - COMING SOON

Cipher ParaTime provides top-tier smart contract support while giving developers full access to confidential compute. This means that data will be able to remain confidential on chain, unlocking a host of new use cases such as privacy-enabled DeFi.

  • Support for WebAssembly smart contracts

  • Support for confidential compute

  • High throughput, instant finality, and low fees with added privacy-preserving features

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